Size: Call Center with Headset
The telephone itself is made up of a good quality plastic that seems to be durable enough to last quite a long time. Expect this purchase to still be worth it in the long term. The buttons feel premium and are spaced out so you are able to know which button you have pressed even. Also, it prevents you from pressing the wrong button especially with my big hands. I like that they have included a mute LED to show you if the mute feature is on or not. This is a great feature to have as you don’t want to say the wrong thing to the recipient thinking the call is muted. The telephone is compact compared to other customer service telephones. Also, it includes rubber tips located at the bottom to help with grip so it does not move everywhere.

The screen on the telephone is surprisingly good. It has a backlight which is bright which allows you to see the text more clearly even in direct sunlight. The display shows caller ID which we all know is extremely convenient to have as it allows you to see who is calling. Also, it includes the time and the duration of the call.

The earpiece itself is light and can be placed on the head for left or right ear and the small cushion is very comfortable even after an hour’s conversation. The incoming voice is nice and clear and the outgoing voice the same (I had the chance to phone a friend and sample it myself) but everyone I've called so far with it have said what I nice tone it has. It's well made and very light as I said. It doesn't interfere with anything else except what it supposed to do. Plus the microphone is adjustable and stays put even after prolonged use. Also, a holder for the earpiece is included which is attached to the telephone itself which is extremely convenient as you know where you put it before.
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